New O2 tariff for on the move and at home:

O2 removes the boundaries between mobile and fixed services

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From 5 February 2019: O2 my All In One XL
In 2019, the O2 brand will continue its successful freedom campaign and start the new year with innovations for retail customers. A new highlight of the revised O2 portfolio is the convergent O2 my All in One XL tariff. From 5 February, customers will receive mobile, fixed and Internet services from a single provider at an outstanding value for money. For only EUR 59.99 a month, they can surf at high speed both on the move and at home.1) Stream the missed episode of your current favourite series. Store large files in the cloud or download from the World Wide Web. Share the best photos and funniest videos instantly with your loved ones. Play the online game of the moment. And not only using Wi-Fi at home, but also at any time mobile on a smartphone. Today, Germans surf in the same way on the move as at home.2) With its new mobile and convergent tariff portfolio, the O2 brand gives all its customers the freedom to take advantage of digitalisation without compromise.

  • Revised O2 retail customer portfolio offers the right product for every customer need
  • With O2 my All in One XL, customers can surf on the move and at home for EUR 59.99/month.
  • When booking a convergent O2 tariff, customers will receive one bill for mobile and DSL services
  • Mobile communications tariff O2 Free XL includes a flat-rate for calls and text messages to many EU countries
  • All O2 Free Boost tariffs include the O2 Connect option – for up to ten mobile devices

One for everything:O2 my All in One XL

O2 my All In One tariff portfolio (in German)
On 5 February, O2 will launch a new tariff for mobile and fixed services: O2 my All in One XL offers a high-speed surfing experience for just EUR 59.99 per month (with a minimum contract period of 24 months). For the mobile surfing experience, the tariff provides a high-speed data volume of 60 GB. When that has been used up, customers can continue surfing without interruption at up to 1 Mbit/s thanks to the O2 keep-surfing guarantee.3) In addition to a national flat-rate for calls and text messages,4) customers with O2 my All in One XL will also receive a full VDSL connection.5) With this, users can surf and stream at home without a volume limit and with download speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s. Customers, who attach importance to higher surfing speeds, have the option to book a 100 Mbit/s connection for an extra EUR 5/month. “People surf while mobile in the same way as at home. The technology is irrelevant to them. Instead, it is necessary for them to be able to use digital services anytime and anywhere,” said Wolfgang Metze, the board member for retail customers at Telefónica Deutschland. This is also confirmed by a recent study by Telefónica Deutschland. “With our combination packages, we are removing the boundaries between mobile and fixed services. We offer high speed for both networks at a great value for money in one tariff. Our customers receive one bill for this and have a central contact person for all their issues.”

New O2 portfolio:The right tariff for every need

The new O2 Free tariff portfolio (in German)
Also new in the portfolio is the O2 Free XL tariff from 5 February 2019, which is available for EUR 59.99/month (with a minimum contract period of 24 months).1) As well as a high-speed data volume of 60 GB, the O2 Free keep-surfing guarantee and a national flat-rate for calls and text messages, flat-rates for calls and text messages in many EU countries are also included here.5), 6) With the new mobile and convergent O2 portfolio, customers have the choice. Would they like an unlimited mobile high-speed volume? Or is a fixed number of gigabytes per month enough? Is the EU flat-rate important to you because you often make calls with friends and relatives abroad? Or is the O2 Connect option7) important to you so you can operate all your devices with just one tariff? “Our strength lies in clearly recognising the needs of our customers and offering products that fit exactly at the right time. Thus, we are giving all O2 customer freedom in the digital world. And we are frontrunners for customer-oriented solutions on the market,” emphasises Metze.

O2 freedom campaign:Additional user-oriented innovations in 2019

Mobile or DSL: Last year, O2 launched numerous innovations across all product areas. They systematically build on each other and always focus on added value for customers. With its freedom campaign in 2018, O2 proved once again: The O2 brand stands for freedom in the digital world. That is its strategic direction. And its firm promise to its customers. In 2019, the O2 brand will further develop its mobile and DSL products and launch new user-oriented innovations.
1)The one-time connection fee is EUR 39.99 for O2 my All in One XL and O2 Free XL.
2)Representative study on Internet usage in Germany. As part of the study, market research company best research GmbH surveyed a total of 1,000 smartphone users aged 18 to 70 on behalf of Telefónica Deutschland. The online survey was conducted between 22 December 2018 and 3 January 2019. More information can be found here.
3)After the high-speed data volume has been used up, continued uninterrupted surfing is possible in the O2 2G/GSM and 3G/UMTS network at up to 1000 kbit/s (996 kbit/s on average) (HD video streaming and Internet applications with similarly high or higher bandwidth requirements are not possible without limitations; upload up to 1,000 kbit/s, 964 kbit/s on average). If multicards and datacards are added, the maximum transmission speed after the high-speed data volume has been used up is decreased to 32 kbit/s for uploads and downloads (this does not apply to tariffs with unlimited data volume).
4)This apples for all calls within Germany except for connections to special rate numbers and call forwarding, with per-minute billing (60/60).
5)Retail customer tariff O2 my Home M Flex can be added on for a basic fee of EUR 0 instead of EUR 29.99 if VDSL is available at the customer location (“advantage”). The advantage applies if there is an O2 my All in One contract. Calls within Germany (except special rate numbers and call forwarding) and Internet access with a transmission speed between 6,000 and 50,000 kbit/s downstream and between 700 and 10,000 kbit/s upstream are included. A router is required, which can be provided for the contract period upon request, e.g. HomeBox 2 for EUR 1.99/month (shipping cost EUR 9.99). This does not apply to corporate customers, who can, however, conclude an O2 my Office M Flex contract with additional performance for EUR 5/month upon request. The tariff can be cancelled with a notice period of four weeks to the end of the month. DSL availability check
6)Applies to calls and text messages from Germany to the mobile and fixed networks of the following EU countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, French Guiana, Greece, UK, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary. This does not include call forwarding to Germany or abroad, conference calls, value-added services, special rate numbers or text message value-added services with premium billing.
7)Up to 2 additional multicards (with voice/text message flat rate and data usage) + 7 datacards (only data usage in area 1) can be added to the tariff, each accessing the high-speed data volume included in the tariff (Connect option). In terms of the datacards added, the maximum transmission speed after the high-speed data volume has been used up is decreased to 32 kbit/s for uploads and downloads (this does not apply to tariffs with unlimited data volume).