Telefónica Deutschland as partner for the industry and business customers:"We are bringing companies into the 5G age"

Credits: Telefónica Deutschland
Cayetano Carbajo Martín
In a short interview, Cayetano Carbajo Martín, Chief Technology Officer of Telefónica Deutschland, talks about the importance of the deployment of private networks for the company and the role that telecommunications providers will play in the future. What significance does the deployment of private networks have for Telefónica Deutschland? The heart of our infrastructure is, of course, our own nationwide mobile network, which connects most people in Germany. In addition, we already have extensive expertise in the construction and operation of private networks and 5G access and core solutions. We are therefore an important partner for business customers and the German industry in addition to our private customer business. For their processes, they require partially independent and self-contained systems, for example for production, communication in real time or the transmission of large amounts of data - and here we are happy to open up new digital possibilities and perspectives as a partner. What specific business model do you see for this? We see enormous potential - and thus a business model - for the future operation of various network infrastructures. This applies to small, medium and large enterprises. The possibilities for cooperation are many and varied. Our range covers a pure delivery of communication services to the provision of additional services (vertical applications) or even a deeper collaboration in the operation of the company. These cooperations can be already executed with 4G but, thanks to network slicing, 5G in particular has the great potential to provide independent network infrastructures. These can be independent campus solutions on a local level or nationwide solutions that are offered via a separate network slice within our network. At 5G we are just at the beginning, because the necessary frequencies have just been auctioned off. Now it is time for us to gain further experience in the construction and operation of private 5G networks. Our objective is clear: We provide companies with tailor-made solutions for their network infrastructure and want to be a partner for the further expansion and maintenance of the network within long-term cooperations. Because that is our unique key competence. Do telecommunications providers play an important role in deploying and operating private campus solutions at all? Of course, because the construction and operation of network infrastructures is anything but trivial. This requires the necessary expertise and technical resources. We can plan, build, operate and expand networks. We take care of monitoring, maintenance and expansion or adaptation using the latest network standards. Because a network is a living construct, it has a continuous need for optimization. And most importantly, the network must be highly reliable during production. In our opinion, however, companies and telecommunications providers complement each other perfectly here: the companies themselves know best that they need a high-performance network infrastructure for their modern production and data communication. But they often have no experts in the house. And that is where we come in as partners: We ensure that the network is deployed and kept up to date on an ongoing basis. This is an absolute win-win situation! Thank you very much for the interview!