Grade "good" in PC Magazin Mobilfunk Benchmark 2020*:O2 customers surf and make calls in a reliably high-performance network

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Reliability and performance in the digital customer's everyday life
With its strong performance, the O2 network secures the grade "good" in the current mobile phone benchmark 2020 of PC Magazin and PC Go, two sister magazines of the trade magazine connect. This puts the network on an equal footing with the other network operators* in the rating ("good"). The O2 network convinced in various categories and thus once again demonstrates its reliability and performance in the digital customer's everyday life. The crowdsourcing test of the network test specialist umlaut (formerly P3 Communications) is based on more than 3.3 billion measurements taken between August 5, 2019 and January 19, 2020 using various smartphone apps of German mobile customers. This allowed the network quality to be measured exactly where it matters: directly at the customer's premises.

Best network stability and nationwide voice coverage

O2 customers can be happy: they surf and make calls in a very reliable network. The O2 network was the only network that ran stably without a single restriction during the entire six-month test period. The network thus secured first place in the network stability category and the top mark of 300 out of 300 possible points. Reception problems? Not in the O2 network. Because in the test this offers the best voice coverage for its customers nationwide across all categories - 99.6 percent coverage in cities and 99.9 percent out of town. This makes it the ideal basis for everyone who wants to make comprehensive calls and remain reachable.

Fastest data speeds in German cities

In German cities, the O2 network was able to convince with the best data coverage and the fastest data speeds. Ten percent of the values determined were faster than 57.0 Mbit/s in download and 19.1 Mbit/s in upload. The network is therefore recommended for all urban mobile phone users who want to use their digital applications such as music and video streaming at all times without restriction. The good figures are also a result of Telefónica Deutschland's consistent LTE upgrades to continuously improve the network experience for its customers.

Power on the Rhine and Isar: O2 wins in North Rhine-Westphalia, Munich and Cologne

Germany's most populous federal state shines in the finest O2 blue: With a convincing network quality, the O2 network secures the victory in North Rhine-Westphalia. The almost 18 million inhabitants have access to a strong network from the Münster to the Rhineland with the O2 network. In the city states of Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg, the O2 network secured second place among the network operators. In Munich and Cologne, O2 with its network is the best rated provider - and not only at the Oktoberfest or carnival. This is the result of the analysis of the five major German cities Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt am Main.

More speed, better network: O2 intensifies network expansion in 2020

The results are very pleasing for Telefónica Germany and all O2 customers. In many respects, they rely on a very powerful mobile network. This not only connects most people throughout Germany, but also transports the largest volume of data. This makes the O2 network a real pioneer in terms of shaping everyday digital life and new digital opportunities for customers. But one thing is clear: the network expansion will continue intensively in order to continue to expand the network at full speed, especially in rural and undersupplied regions. To this end, the company is significantly accelerating the network roll-out across the country this year by again commissioning several thousand additional LTE transmitters. In the course of the year, O2 customers in the five largest German cities will also be starting a new technology era with the new mobile phone standard 5G.
*PC Magazin Mobilfunk Benchmark 2020 (issue 4/2020): good (796 points) / third place; Overall, three times good (833 points, 828 points, 796 points)