First virtual Annual General Meeting:Shareholders of Telefónica Deutschland approve dividend of 0.17 euros per share

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Peter Löscher, Markus Haas & Markus Rolle at the first virtual Annual General Meeting
Telefónica Deutschland has successfully held its first virtual Annual General Meeting. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, shareholders were able to resolve as planned agenda items such as the payment of the dividend for 2019 and the Supervisory Board election. Shareholders were able to participate in the annual general meeting via PC, tablet or smartphone. With 98.92 percent of the votes of the capital present, they approved the proposal of the Management Board and Supervisory Board to pay a dividend of 0.17 euros per share for the 2019 financial year. This corresponds to a payout of 506 million euros.

Peter Löscher
In addition, Peter Löscher was confirmed in his office as a member of the Supervisory Board by a large majority of shareholders. He had been appointed to the Supervisory Board by court order in April and was appointed Chairman by the Supervisory Board. With 99.94 percent of the votes of the capital present, the shareholders discharged the Management Board and, with 98.17 percent, the Supervisory Board. All other motions put to the vote were also approved. With a participation of 87 percent of the registered capital, almost as many shareholders participated in the meeting as at previous annual general meetings, despite the new format.