For accelerated growth in the fixed network:O2 reinvents the Home-Internet

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O2 my Home will be launched on 3 November.
O2 is attacking in the fixed network market: O2 my Home will be launched on 3 November. O2 is the first German provider to launch a tariff that applies equally to DSL, cable, fibre optics and the mobile-network-based O2 HomeSpot. The 4G-/5G router will become an integral part of O2's new home world, enabling telephony for the first time, offering customers a fixed network number - and is thus a fully-fledged fixed network replacement solution. With its new home offering, O2 is significantly simplifying tariff structures in the fixed network market and ensuring transparency and clarity in the tariff jungle. O2 my Home customers automatically receive the right Internet offer for their home - at an excellent price-performance ratio. O2 is thus fulfilling a key customer requirement: In addition to stable, fast and affordable Internet, consumers want a clear technology recommendation from their provider. The new O2 my Home tariff-world should further accelerate O2's growth in the fixed network market. Since 2018 O2 has increased the number of DSL-based broadband connections by 10 percent to 2.25 million (as of 29 July 2020). In addition to the high quality, which has been awarded several times by an independent authority, customers especially appreciate the excellent price-performance ratio.

Largest fixed network coverage: O2 offers fast Internet throughout Germany

O2 offers its customers the largest fixed network coverage in Germany.
O2 offers its customers the largest fixed network coverage in Germany. While O2 is expanding and operating its modern 4G and 5G mobile network itself, the provider relies on strong partnerships in the fixed network business. Via the infrastructure of Deutsche Telekom, O2 reaches around 34 million households with DSL and, in the future, fibre optics. Through the partnership with Vodafone, 24 million and with Tele Columbus another 2.3 million households will be reached with broadband cable in the next few months. Added to this is the coverage that O2 achieves via regional cooperations such as vitroconnect/EWE TEL and O2 has access to all technologies - as the only one on the market to this extent. From November 2020, O2 will serve its home customers with a future-oriented broadband mix of VDSL, cable and fibre optics. With the O2 HomeSpot, O2 also offers a fully-fledged fixed network replacement solution via the 4G and 5G mobile network. At the market launch of the new O2 my Home tariff world on 3 November, the technologies DSL, fibre optic and mobile telephony will be available as fixed network replacement. Cable will be launched before the end of November.

O2 my Home: Radical simplification of the tariff landscape

Wolfgang Metze
"We are changing the fixed-line market. We are the only provider to have one tariff for all technologies - and are thus once again setting the pace for the entire industry", says Wolfgang Metze, member of the Management Board of Telefónica Deutschland / O2 responsible for private customers. "The telecommunications market is traditionally technology-driven. But Germans are not interested in technology. Our latest fixed network study shows: Every second person does not care whether they surf via DSL, cable, fiber optics or 4G / 5G. It's other things that count for customers: They want stable and fast Internet at an affordable price. This is exactly what we offer with our new Internet-tariff for the home. And we make it easy for our customers: We suggest the best technology for them. This is how we prove once again: Our O2 brand stands for innovations with real customer benefits at an excellent price-performance ratio.” The new home offering from O2 is optimally tailored to different customer needs. The focus is on household size and usage behaviour. O2 customers do not have to worry about the technical infrastructure. The availability check covers all four technologies. On this basis, O2 makes a clear recommendation and thus meets a central customer requirement for simplicity and orientation. Nevertheless, O2 customers always have the choice: O2 ensures transparency and displays all technologies available at the site.
  • For infrequent users: With O2 my Home S, customers can surf at up to 10 Mbps. For 24.99 euros per month they receive 100 GB. Surfing speed and data volume are sufficient for all basic applications on the net, for example web research, online shopping, social media or e-mails. The entry-level tariff is therefore ideally suited for occasional users such as senior citizens.
  • For normal users: O2 my Home M offers a surfing speed of up to 50 MBit/s. At a price of 29.99 euros, customers receive an unlimited monthly data volume. The tariff is ideal for singles or couples.
  • For frequent users: Customers who value more speed choose O2 my Home L for 34.99 euros per month. With up to 100 MBit/s, HD / UHD streaming and online gaming are no problem. The tariff is also suitable for self-employed people who use their fixed network connection for business.
  • For power users: O2 my Home XL is the right tariff for professional surfers and families. For 44.99 euros per month, several household members surf in parallel at up to 250 MBit/s, network all devices in their home and download and upload large data quickly from the network.
  • For the demanding: O2 my Home XXL is aimed at the technology pioneers. The largest home tariff offers a surfing speed of up to 1 GBit/s. For 59.99 euros per month, this leaves nothing to be desired.

O2 customers save money: Price advantages for new and existing customers

All O2 my Home tariffs are also available in the Flex version.
All O2 my Home tariffs include a telephone flat rate to the German fixed network and are also available in the Flex version. This means that customers do not have to commit themselves to a contract for 24 months, but remain flexible at all times. New customers who opt for a 24-month contract will receive a discount of 10 euros each in the first twelve months of the contract. Existing O2 customers who already use an O2 product and additionally conclude an O2 my Home tariff always benefit from the combination advantage: O2 grants them a discount of 10 euros per month. The O2 my Home M tariff, which offers normal users a surfing speed of up to 50 Mbit/s, thus costs only 19.99 euros per month in the long term. O2 thus offers existing customers - and thus millions of Germans - the cheapest fixed network offer on the German market. Young people and the 60+ generation also save money: As with the mobile phone tariffs, they now also receive a fixed discount of 5 euros on the monthly basic fee for the home tariffs. "O2 is a one-stop store for all telecommunications solutions - from mobile and fixed network to additional services such as O2 TV and O2 Banking", Metze continues. "Customers who conclude more than one contract with O2 benefit from clear price advantages".

O2 HomeSpot: O2 abolishes separation between fixed network and mobile telephony

Credits: O2
The O2 HomeSpot becomes a fully-fledged alternative to the classic fixed network connection.
As of 3 November, the O2 HomeSpot will become an integral part of the new O2 home offer. The 4G/5G router delivers high speed via the O2 mobile network. Customer satisfaction is high: users particularly appreciate the simplicity, as no visit from a technician is necessary at the start and they are online after just a few steps. A new feature is that the O2 HomeSpot also allows users to make phone calls: In future, customers will receive a fixed network number. They can connect their fixed network telephone directly to the WLAN router. Thus, the O2 HomeSpot becomes a fully-fledged alternative to the classic fixed network connection, for example, wherever a fast fixed network-based broadband infrastructure is not available. O2 is the first provider to completely remove the separation between fixed network and mobile technologies.