Corporate Health Award 2020:Telefónica Deutschland receives special award for pandemic management

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As an employer, Telefónica Germany once again demonstrated exemplary commitment to the health and well-being of its employees in 2020. This has now also been confirmed by the result of the Corporate Health Award, one of the most prestigious awards for company health management in Germany. This year, the company not only received the Seal of Excellence again, but at the same time also won the special Pandemic Management award. For the second time since 2018, Telefónica Germany received the Corporate Health Award on December 9. With this award, the initiators Handelsblatt, EuPD Research Sustainable Management and the ias Group once a year honor companies that demonstrably promote the health and performance of their own employees in a special way and pursue a forward-looking, sustainable HR strategy. Applications for the award were received from 352 companies, authorities and institutions.

Central office of Telefónica Deutschland
Telefónica Germany impressed the jury this year not only with its holistically integrated health concept, but above all with its flexible and innovative pandemic management. Maintaining and promoting the health of employees was given an enormous boost by the impact of the Corona pandemic, which presented all companies in Germany with immense economic and personnel challenges. Steffen Klink, Director Corporate Health Award comments: "Telefónica Germany impressed with its strong flexibility and quick response during the COVID 19 pandemic. Virtually overnight, the majority of the workforce switched to home offices. Management created flexible solutions for parents and employees with at-risk groups in the home. In a very short time, Corporate Health Management also switched to online offerings and implemented innovative measures such as FEEL GOOD in the home office. Clear and open communication gave employees the greatest possible security during this uncertain time."

With its 5 Bold Moves, Telefónica Germany is also building on the experience gained as a result of the COVID 19 measures, strengthening a digital way of working and individual flexibility and productivity for the future.

Scientific expertise and evaluation process

In addition to self-reporting and selection by a jury of experts, the award is based on the Corporate Health Audit - an on-site status analysis of occupational health management (OHM) in the respective company. Leading experts from science, business and the healthcare sector support the development and implementation of the Corporate Health Award. The high-ranking expert advisory board reviews and analyzes the results of the audits and selects the best companies in 15 categories after a thorough review. One thing became clear in this year's selection process: many companies have recognized that focusing on social sustainability as a strategic goal is becoming increasingly important for positioning themselves in the market. The analysis of the study data clearly showed that although operational health promotion is an established tool, employers are increasingly focusing on corporate health strategies and structures. Likewise, against the backdrop of the challenges of today's labor market, companies are recognizing the importance of a corresponding corporate culture for the future viability of their organization at the highest management level. Markus Frowein, Head of Data Protection & Health Management at Telefónica Germany on winning the award: "We are very pleased to receive this award. We see this both as confirmation of our efforts to date and as motivation not to let up here and to defend this top position in the future."