Data record through rapid 4G/5G expansion:O2 network handles 1 billion gigabytes for the first time in just 6 months

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The rapid network expansion of Telefónica Deutschland / O2 is making itself felt in a strong increase in data usage by customers.
The rapid network expansion of Telefónica Deutschland / O2 is making itself felt in a significantly better network quality and thus also in a strong increase in data usage by customers. The company's approximately 44 million customers are sending more and more mobile data through the nationwide O2 mobile network. This is mainly due to the increasing popularity of music and video streaming as well as sharing photos and videos on social media or via messaging apps such as WhatsApp. In the past six months alone, the O2 network transported around 1 billion gigabytes of data volume - an all-time high in Germany's mobile networks. This means that data usage in the O2 network has doubled in a period of only two years. In 2019, O2 became the first German network operator to break through the magic barrier of one billion gigabytes in a calendar year, thus ushering in the exabyte age (= 1 billion GB) in German mobile communications. With this data volume, one could stream music for more than 1.5 million years at a stretch. The trend towards ever greater data use has been continuing consistently for years. To illustrate the extent of the data increase: In 2015 as a whole, the O2 network still transported 178 million gigabytes - a value that the network nowadays handles almost per month.

Markus Haas
"We are providing our 44 million customers with an increasingly powerful network. Data usage on our O2 network is growing by around 50 to 60 per cent per year, setting new records month after month. With this networking service for consumers and the economy, we are the driver of digitalisation in Germany," explains Markus Haas, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland / O2. "Our customers are booking ever larger data packages to use their digital applications on the move. 5G will further boost data growth. Through our comprehensive network expansion and network investments in the billions, we will continue to meet the trend of increasing data volumes in the future."

O2 network expansion and availability accelerate growth in data usage

The data usage in the O2 network has doubled in a period of only two years.
The most important factor for this data growth: The O2 4G and 5G network is increasingly well developed throughout Germany and available with constantly growing speeds and capacities. Due to the strong network quality, the O2 network secured the grade "very good" for the first time in the mobile network test of the trade magazine connect.* This year, O2 has also ignited its 5G expansion turbo. Currently, 2,000 5G antennas are already transmitting in around 80 cities. At present, O2 is relying exclusively on the powerful 3.6 GHz frequencies. By the end of 2021, O2 already wants to cover more than 30 per cent of the German population with 5G, by 2025 the whole of Germany. The expansion of the 5G digitalisation turbo in particular will give data usage in the O2 network another massive boost.

O2 tariffs at an attractive price-performance ratio

The O2 tariffs are also an important factor, as they offer large data packages at an attractive price-performance ratio. This also applies to the new 5G technologies: O2 is making 5G ready for the mass market with its offers. To this end, O2 offers the 5G standard in all major tariffs starting with O2 Free M as well as in its Unlimited tariffs at no extra charge. Whether streaming music while jogging or streaming football matches - customers no longer have to worry about their data limit and can use all their digital applications extensively. In addition, Telefónica Deutschland's numerous own and partner brands are also offering increasingly larger data packages and, in particular, streaming services, which are leading to an increase in data usage on the network.
*Connect mobile network test, issue 1/2021: Very good (852 points); three times very good (926, 876 and 852 points) were awarded overall