New prepaid tariff from O2:999 gigabytes for maximum surfing pleasure

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O2's expanded prepaid offer.
O2 is packing almost a terabyte of data volume into its new flagship prepaid tariff. From October 5, 2021, the O2 my Prepaid Max will offer 999 gigabytes of high-speed data for maximum surfing pleasure.1 This will give O2 customers even more mobile freedom for streaming, surfing and gaming - without a contract commitment, with full cost control and maximum flexibility. For those who are also looking for a new smartphone, O2 has five devices ready in a package with the O2 my Prepaid Max1. In addition to the 999 gigabytes of data volume for the monthly price of EUR 69.99, the O2 my Prepaid Max comes with an all-net flat rate for telephony and text messages to all German mobile networks and the fixed network.2 The data volume included is available for four weeks at a time. EU roaming is included.1 The new O2 my Prepaid Max is not only the perfect solution for power users who do not want to commit to a fixed-term contract. O2 my Prepaid Max1 is also of interest to anyone who needs a lot of data volume at short notice or for a short period because they are traveling or moving house. O2 my Max rate can be purchased at, in O2 stores, and in brick-and-mortar stores.

Maximum high-speed data in a bundle

The new O2 my Prepaid Max rate plan is the ideal solution for power users and customers who need a lot of data volume at short notice.
Entry-level, mid-range or premium: O2 combines five smartphones with the new O2 my Prepaid Max to create an attractive package:1,3
  • Xiaomi Redmi 9A for 129.99 euros
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 for 209.99 euros
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy A32 (5G) for 289.99 euros
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro for 289.99 euros

O2 is best in class for prepaid rates

The trade magazine "connect" tested the prepaid rates of the three mobile network operators based on three profiles - for infrequent, normal and frequent users. In all three categories, O2 received first place from the test editors. In addition, "connect" gave O2 the top rating of "Very Good”4.