Connect confirms "very good" network quality:O2 network achieves best result in the company's history

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The connect magazine again awarded the O2 network the grade "very good" this year for the second time.*
The O2 network has achieved the best result in the history of Telefónica / O2 in the renowned connect network test. The trade magazine again awarded the O2 network the grade "very good" this year for the second time.* With a total of 874 points, O2 once again clearly surpassed the already very good result of the previous year (852 points) - despite stricter measurement criteria. The basis for the positive development of the O2 network is the continuous investment in network expansion, the focus on fast 5G, and a top network performance.

CEO Markus Haas
"The connect network test shows impressively: we have the best O2 network ever," says Markus Haas, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland / O2. "We are investing more than ever before in the expansion of our O2 network - around EUR 1.3 billion this year alone. We are providing our around 45 million private and business customers with an increasingly powerful O2 mobile network for their digital applications. With our fast-growing 5G network, we will also further accelerate digitization for consumers and businesses in Germany." In the current connect network test, the O2 network impresses in all three categories of voice, data and crowdsourcing. The O2 network can make full use of its high quality in large cities in particular. In the metropolitan walktests, in which the testers determined the network quality in the inner cities on foot, the O2 network placed second among all providers in data usage, for example. Voice quality via the 4G network (Voice over LTE) is also at a very high level nationwide.

O2 network ahead with 5G on 3.6 GHz

connect also looks at the progress made by network operators in rolling out 5G. The O2 network shows the best values in the competitive comparison for the number of real 5G measurements at 3.6 GHz. No other provider recorded so many measurements in the fast 5G network - in major cities alone, O2 recorded well over 50 percent of the measurements. Thus, connect states: "Telefónica, which only launched its 5G rollout last year, already has impressive 5G shares in major cities, which are already ahead of the two competitors without taking into account the DSS that is hardly used by this provider."

Mallik Rao
"Our nationwide network rollout offensive is clearly noticeable in the test results as well as in the everyday lives of our customers. We are rapidly expanding 4G and, in parallel, have fired up the 5G expansion turbo to provide more and more cities and rural regions with our fast O2 5G network," said Mallik Rao, Chief Technology & Information Officer of Telefónica Deutschland / O2. "Our expansion activities always focus on real customer benefits: our customers benefit from ever-improving network availability, higher surfing speeds and shorter latency times in their daily data usage." As part of the ongoing network expansion offensive, Telefónica / O2 has again put several thousand new 4G transmitters into operation this year for better coverage and higher speeds. However, the focus was primarily on the expansion of the O2 5G network: more than 3,600 5G antennas are now in operation on the 3.6 GHz frequency, which is particularly well suited for fast 5G connections. In addition, the company has put into operation the first sites with 5G on 700 MHz as well as with Dynamic Spectrum Sharing technology (DSS) - which combines 4G and 5G - on 1800 MHz. With this, the company aims to bring 5G to more regions even faster. Telefónica / O2 has ambitious expansion plans: by the end of 2022, the company wants to provide half of the German population with 5G, and by 2025, all of Germany.
Once again, Telefónica makes a big leap forward compared to the previous year, comes closer to its competitors and achieves its best result to date.
Conclusion connect editorial team
*Connect mobile network test, issue 1/2022: „very good“ (874 points); in total awarded: three times „very good“ (944, 913 and 874 points)