O2 sends a clear signal for customer friendliness:Full flexibility at no extra charge for all O2 mobile and fixed-network rates

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O2 will abolish the surcharge for tariffs without a fixed term for all O2 Free and O2 Free Unlimited mobile tariffs from December 1, 2021.
From December 1, 2021, O2 is abolishing the surcharge for rates without a term for all O2 Free and O2 Free Unlimited mobile rates. Such an offer already exists for fixed-network rates. In addition, O2 is reducing the regular cancellation period from three months to just one. And another good reason for a carefree contract conclusion with O2 in addition to the acknowledged first-class price-performance ratio: Also from December, existing fixed-term contracts will be automatically extended only in monthly intervals after the end of the regular contract term. This means that O2 is de facto abolishing the automatic 12-month contract extension that has been customary up to now. This change and the innovation regarding the shortened notice period will automatically come into effect for all customers. With this mix of contractual innovations in the interest of the customer, O2 is the first provider to announce a particularly fair and flexible contract customer offer among German mobile network operators. In doing so, O2 is going one step further than the new Telecommunications Act (TKG) and providing its current and potential customers with further good reasons for choosing O2.

O2 once again underscores its claim to be a particularly fair telecommunications provider that listens to consumers' wishes and needs. The three innovations for O2 fixed-term contracts from December 1, 2021 in detail are:

1. Maximum flexibility in the contract term

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Added peace of mind and flexibility for all O2 customers.
Via a campaign initially designed for six months, O2 Free mobile tariffs can now be concluded permanently without a term and at no extra charge. Over the years, O2 has offered contracts without a term in a wide variety of rates. Currently, the O2 Free portfolio includes rates with a classic 24-month term as well as mobile contracts with a one-month term. The surcharge of EUR 5 for this so-called flex option is now permanently waived for all contracts concluded by May 31, 2022.

2. Never again have to mark cancellation dates in your calendar

O2 is automatically reducing the period for all existing and new mobile and fixed-network customers to give notice of their intention to terminate their contract before it expires. Instead of the regular three months' notice, it is now sufficient to give notice one month in advance.

3. Full freedom after expiry of the regularly selected contract term

As of December 1, 2021, mobile and fixed-network contracts will only be renewed at monthly intervals after expiry of the regular contract term instead of by 12 months as before. The basis for this is the new Telecommunications Act (TKG). O2 is implementing this in a particularly customer-friendly manner for existing and new customers alike. The regulation also applies directly to customers who are already in the process of automatic contract renewal on December 1.

Benefit from the discount on the tariff for up to 48 months with the O2 My Handy Bundle model.
These steps towards greater peace of mind and flexibility for all O2 customers are rounded off by the flexible and fair hardware and bundle offer of O2 My Handy: during the term of the hardware installment plan (24, 36 or 48 months), the monthly charge is reduced and, in addition, customers benefit from a discount on the mobile rate. On "day nix", the end device is paid off and the bundle customer automatically pays only for their rate plan. In addition, they can use their old device to buy an O2 cell phone and thus save additional money as part of sustainability.