For its 20th brand birthday, O2 is expanding its gigabit fixed network coverage:Gigabit speed for over 22 million cable households

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Dr. Verena Grundke
O2 is significantly expanding its gigabit fixed network coverage: From 3 May 2022, O2 will market internet speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s to over 22 million cable households. On the occasion of its 20th birthday, the core brand of O2 Telefónica thus demonstrates once again that it has evolved from a pure mobile communications brand to a comprehensive telecommunications brand. "20 years ago, O2 was a mobile provider," said Dr. Verena Grundke, Director Customer Marketing of O2 Telefónica. "Today we are an integrated full-service provider: We provide our customers with everything they need in their households for their everyday digital lives, from connectivity for the home office to entertainment with O2 TV. Attractive fixed network offers are an essential component of this.”

O2 to market internet speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s to over 22 million cable households from May 3, 2022.
Back in November 2020, O2 was the first German provider to abolish the boundary between mobile and fixed network with the O2 my Home tariff and radically simplify the fixed network tariff landscape. This is because O2 my Home applies equally to all three fixed-network technologies as well as the O2 Homespot, the fully-fledged fixed-network replacement solution via 4G and 5G mobile communications. The special birthday offer of the O2 my Home XXL via the Vodafone cable network costs 29.99 euros in the first 12 months, then permanently 39.99 euros.1 It is available in over 50 per cent of all German households and can be booked via all O2 sales channels from 3 May 2022. In addition, the connection price of 69.99 euros is waived. O2 is also making its customers a comparable offer for O2 products on the Tele Columbus cable network: Up to 1 Gbit/s speed is available for 34.99 euros in the first 12 months, then permanently for 44.99 euros.2 Further 1 Gigabit tariffs from O2 in the expansion areas of Unsere Grüne Glasfaser and Wilhelm.Tel (glass fibre) are available unchanged from 69.99 euros per month.3 For new customers who opt for an O2 My Home XXL, the one-time connection fee is waived; for an O2 My Home L and XL contract, only 50 percent of the regular one-time connection fee of 69.99 euros is charged.

O2 with greatest Internet@home availability

With O2 my Home, O2 has radically simplified the fixed-network rate landscape.
While O2 expands and operates its modern 4G and 5G mobile network itself, the provider relies on strong partnerships in the fixed network business: Via the infrastructure of Deutsche Telekom, O2 can offer its customers DSL and, in the future, fibre optics. Through the cooperation with Vodafone and Tele Columbus, O2 provides internet via broadband cable. In addition, O2 achieves coverage via regional network operators such as EWE TEL,, Unsere Grüne Glasfaser and Westenergie Breitband. More information about the complete O2 My Home offer across all technologies.