Million-euro support for reconstruction:O2 Telefónica donates network technology to Ukraine

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  • Germany's largest mobile communications provider donates around 3,500 network components worth several million euros to Ukraine
  • Network technology enables repair and construction of several thousand mobile phone sites in the devastated country
  • Cooperation with Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) and CTDI ensures smooth logistics

Credits: Jörg Borm
O2 Telefónica supports the reconstruction of the telecommunications infrastructure
O2 Telefónica is providing Ukraine with a comprehensive package of modern network technology to support the urgently needed reconstruction of the destroyed telecommunications infrastructure in the country. The telecommunications provider with around 47 million mobile customers in Germany is donating a total of around 3,500 network components to Ukraine. These have a total value of several million euros. With this technology donation, O2 Telefónica is one of the first European providers to respond to a request from the Ukrainian telecom regulator, which asked foreign network operators for support. In this regard, O2 Telefónica is working closely with the German Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK), which coordinates German assistance through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM).

Markus Haas
"We want to contribute to improving mobile communications between people in Ukraine. Therefore, with the support of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, we are donating urgently needed network technology to Ukraine. As a telecommunications provider, we know very well how important mobile communications are for personal exchanges between people. This is even more true in times of crisis," says Markus Haas, CEO of O2 Telefónica. "We are taking a first step with our network technology donation, which can also serve as a blueprint for other companies to provide targeted support. Now it is time to join forces as a European business community to support the reconstruction in Ukraine."

Credits: CTDI Europe
The company donates around 3500 network components worth several million euros
The donated network technology consists of hardware components that can be used to expand and repair several thousand mobile sites in Ukraine. These include over 1,000 baseband units for processing 2G, 3G and 4G signals. In addition, there are around 1,000 remote radio units, which ensure communication and power supply to the base station at a mobile communications site. In addition, O2 Telefónica is supplying several hundred directional radio components that ensure the transport of signals between the mobile site and the next network node. The donated network components are exclusively modern and fully functional technology (including 4G/LTE) that can be used without restrictions.

Credits: CTDI Europe
Six trucks will deliver over 200 pallets of network equipment
In the donation process, O2 Telefónica is supported by logistics partner CTDI. There, the network technology will be picked up by the service provider Transa Spedition GmbH, transported to Ukraine via a logistics center in Poland and handed over to the responsible representatives. In total, around six fully loaded trucks will deliver over 200 pallets of network equipment with a total weight of 44,000 kilograms in order to repair the network on site and improve mobile coverage. O2 Telefónica has already implemented various aid measures for refugees from Ukraine in recent months: The telecommunications provider has provided more than 100,000 SIM cards as well as several thousand mobile WLAN routers as emergency aid for refugees from Ukraine. In addition, the company has temporarily stopped roaming charges for phone calls to and from Ukraine so that those affected can remain in contact with each other. Since July 1, the company has continued this assistance for all refugees from Ukraine with a new prepaid tariff under the Ortel Mobile brand, which focuses on international target groups. In addition, O2 Telefónica call center employees have already arranged accommodation for more than 1,300 refugees from Ukraine in Germany.