More data volume, higher surfing speeds, 5G in all tariffs, advantage for young people:The co-growing tariffs O2 Mobile launch

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New customers on the Gigabyte tariffs plans benefit above all from the Grow advantage
On April 5, 2023, the mobile communications brand O2 will pack more performance for a fair price into the new O2 Mobile tariffs. In addition to higher data volumes and surfing speeds, new customers on the Gigabyte tariffs plans benefit above all from the Grow advantage: The monthly data volume of O2 Mobile customers increases by up to 10 gigabytes every year, depending on the tariff - automatically and at no extra charge. Customers are informed of the increase in the inclusive data volume by text message.1

Dr. Verena Grundke
“With our new innovative O2 Mobile portfolio, we set a new benchmark for mobile offers in the German mobile market last year. Now we are raising it one more notch by integrating the popular Grow benefit into all gigabyte term plans. We are thus providing our customers with an all-round carefree rate plan with data packages that are tailored to their needs and grow with them, as well as high surfing speeds - at a highly attractive price/performance ratio in a very good network,”2 says Dr. Verena Grundke, Director Customer Marketing O2 Telefónica.

Further performance improvements from O2 Mobile compared to the previous O2 tariffs:

  • Higher data volume in all gigabyte tariffs: The O2 Mobile M, for example, has 25 gigabytes of data, which is 25 percent more, and an additional 5 gigabytes are added annually through the Grow Benefit. The rate costs EUR 32.99 per month2 (for comparison, O2 Free M: 20 gigabytes for EUR 29.99).
  • Higher speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s and 5G access also in the entry-level tariffs O2 Mobile S4 and S Boost:5 All new O2 Mobile tariffs will use the high-speed mobile standard. Nationwide, the O2 network, which has received multiple “Very Good” awards, supplies more than 80 percent of the population with 5G.2
  • Higher speeds also in the Unlimited rates: The O2 Mobile Unlimited Basic offers up to 3 Mbit/s in upload and download, the O2 Mobile Unlimited Smart up to 15 Mbit/s in download and 10 Mbit/s in upload. The O2 Mobile Unlimited Max remains unchanged at 500 Mbit/s download and 50 Mbit/s upload.

O2 Mobile Boost

O2 Mobile Unlimited

A recent Bitkom study6 shows that one criterion in particular is important for mobile communications users in Germany today: more performance for a fair price. With the new O2 Mobile Gigabyte term plans, new customers pay an average of 10 percent more, but the price per gigabyte falls by more than 10 percent on average, while performance is improved by more data volume, the Grow advantage, 5G in the O2 network, which has received several “Very Good” awards,2 and higher speeds.

Maximum achievable data volume of the gigabyte runtime tariffs

O2 customers can switch to one of the new tariffs as part of a contract extension. Thanks to the Combi Benefit, O2 customers can also book additional mobile rates at O2 Mobile at permanently half price.7 Young people receive promotional - in addition to the standard monthly 10 euro discount - with the Boost tariffs a total of 15 euro discount on the tariff price per month, for example O2 Mobile M Boost (50 GB) for 22.99 euro per month without a connection fee.8

About the O2 Grow Advantage:

In 2022, the innovative Grow advantage in Germany's first mobile tariff plan that grows with the customer, “O2 Grow” had for the first time ensured additional growth and high customer satisfaction at O2. Now the brand is making it the central customer benefit of its new mobile portfolio.

About mobile data usage in the O2 network:

Mobile data usage on the O2 network rose to over 3 billion gigabytes in 2022, an increase of around 50 percent year-on-year. The growing data consumption of O2 Free customers, which now stands at around 15 GB per month, has contributed significantly to this.

About the Bitkom study on mobile data usage:

A representative population survey commissioned by Bitkom has revealed that mobile communications users in Germany care about more performance for a fair price. For around half of those surveyed (47 percent), the monthly inclusive data volume is not enough; only 7 percent have more than they actually need. On average, German smartphone users have 5.5 gigabytes available per month. When choosing a mobile communications provider, after good reception and high network coverage, the most important thing for respondents is the highest possible surfing speed (89 percent), followed by a low price (87 percent).6