More performance:New O2 prepaid rates score with higher data volume, advanced surfing guarantee, and bonus benefits

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New customers will benefit from more service for a fair premium
The new prepaid portfolio of the mobile communications brand O2 will be launched on April 5, 2023. New customers will then benefit from more service for a fair premium: they will receive up to 5.5 gigabytes more data volume and a surfing guarantee at a speed of 384 kbit/s. In addition, they can increase their data volume free of charge with the App Bonus and the Direct Debit Bonus. In addition, customers can increase their data volume free of charge with the app bonus and the direct debit bonus.

Dr. Verena Grundke
Dr. Verena Grundke, Director Customer Marketing, explains the significance of the new O2 prepaid rates: “A recent Bitkom study shows that one criterion in particular is more important than ever for mobile communications users in Germany today: better performance for a fair price. An all-round carefree rate plan with more inclusive data volume, a very good network, and a continued surfing guarantee is part of the rising expectations. We are meeting these wishes with our innovative O2 prepaid portfolio.” According to the study,1 the lowest possible price is crucial for 87 percent, while 47 percent want more inclusive data volume.

The advantages of the new O2 prepaid rates at a glance:

The new O2 prepaid portfolio (in German)
  • Higher data volume: The O2 Prepaid M rate, for example, offers 12 gigabytes, 54 percent more data volume than the previous rate. The new rate costs EUR 14.99 in the first four weeks, then EUR 17.99/ 4 weeks (for comparison, the previous O2 Prepaid M rate: 6.5 gigabytes for EUR 14.99).2
  • High surfing speeds: With O2 Prepaid S, M and L, customers surf at up to 225 Mbit/s for downloads and up to 50 Mbit/s for uploads thanks to LTE Max.
  • Continued surfing guarantee: With the O2 prepaid rates from S, the throttling speed is automatically increased from 32 kbit/s to 384 kbit/s. This means, for example, that audio streaming (e.g., music services such as Spotify), text-based messages (such as e-mails, messaging, and WhatsApp chats), and audio telephony (e.g., WhatsApp calls) are still possible.3
  • App bonus: Every 28 days, customers can add the app bonus of 1 gigabyte to the “My O2” app free of charge.4
  • Direct debit bonus: New customers who use direct debit to purchase the new prepaid rates automatically receive 0.5 gigabytes free of charge every four weeks.

The new O2 prepaid portfolio is part of the strategy announced by O2 Telefónica to pack more performance into its offers at a fair price. In the new O2 prepaid rates, for example, this includes more data volume as well as the continued surfing guarantee introduced for the first time in prepaid - and all this in the very good O2 network.5 Compared to the previous rates, the price per gigabyte drops by an average of 26 percent. The O2 prepaid rates are ideal for customers who do not want to commit themselves to a fixed term contract . In addition, the rates offer secure cost control for use by children. Existing customers can switch to one of the new O2 prepaid rates and also benefit from the advantages. The rates are available at and in stationary retail stores.