Video test and pre-sale at O2:ALCATEL ONETOUCH FIRE E with Firefox OS

MUNCIH. As announced, Telefónica is launching its first smartphone with Firefox OS in Germany. For the first time, O2 customers can now use an innovative open operating system developed by a non-profit organization: the Mozilla Foundation. For this reason, we have taken a close look at the new ALCATEL ONETOUCH FIRE E, presenting an extensive video test by our O2 Gurus.
Firefox OS is the first mobile operating system to rely entirely on open web technology, combining security, customizability as well as attractive and user-friendly application. A vast, open community of developers from all over the world contributes to the design of the system, which puts users’ benefit first. The ALCATEL ONETOUCH FIRE E is the best and fastest smartphone so far to use the new operating system. It will be available in O2 shops from the beginning of August – with the pre-sale starting on July 17th on our website. New from O2: Firefox as a mobile operating system The ALCATEL ONETOUCH FIRE E is intended especially those users who enjoy trying out new things and are mindful in particular of the security of their personal data. “Firefox OS will compete with Apple’s operating system iOS, with Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Google’s Android system, which is currently in control of the market,” says the newspaper DIE WELT. “The new system was created by the developers of the internet browser Firefox, which is particularly popular in Germany for security reasons.” The driving force is the charitable Mozilla Foundation, which focuses in particular on protecting users’ private information according to the highest standards. Firefox OS provides the same extraordinarily high level of security, privacy, adaptability and user control as consumers are accustomed to from their Firefox web browsers.
The ALCATEL ONETOUCH FIRE E will be available at O2 for a one-off price of only 29 Euros if combined with the booking of a mobile tariff. The O2 Blue Select is a good choice and comes with a flat rate for calls within the German O2 mobile network, a flat rate for calls within a selectable network or 100 free minutes for all networks as well as a flat rate for text messages within all German networks. The plan even includes an internet flat rate with 300 Megabyte at full speed. What a hot deal!

ALCATEL ONETOUCH FIRE E: Great design at a low price

In addition to its innovative operating system, the Alcatel Onetouch Fire E stands out for its unusual design. The cool metal look creates a sophisticated appearance with a great feel to it. Its 4.5-inch qHD display applies the same IPS technology as is used by the iPhone. This allows for ideal legibility and perceptibility even from the most extreme of angles. Inside it is driven by a dual-core processor with 1.2 Gigahertz for each core and 512 Megabyte working memory. “That might not sound like a lot,” explain our O2 Gurus. “However, you have to take into account that Firefox OS is extremely resource-saving.” The video shows clearly how all sites and images scroll smoothly and that apps open directly on command. Another advantage: With its undemanding hardware, the phone’s battery life is particularly long-lasting.
Of course, the operating system used is the latest version available: Firefox OS 1.3 comes with additional camera functions and an easier access to the phone’s music player. Its intelligent groupings arrange the apps installed for particularly clear categorization. An update to the latest version is also possible: Once Mozilla releases its Firefox OS 2.0 in a few months, the ALCATEL ONETOUCH FIRE E will also be updated.

Firefox OS: The entire smartphone is a browser

What makes Firefox OS so special is that it is based entirely on open web technology. The whole phone works like a single browser and can yet be used as normal even without access to the internet. The user interface with notifications, shortcuts and settings looks just as before. There is no need to adapt to new processes and users will understand the new operating system within minutes. Firefox OS provides all those functions you would expect of a smartphone: phone calls, messaging, emails, camera, an integrated connection to Facebook and Twitter, location-based services such as Nokia HERE-maps, popular applications such as the Firefox web browser, Firefox Marketplace and many more. The great advantage: All apps are basically just little websites, which means they are always up to date. The end of time-consuming search for updates! So get clicking and pre-order the ALCATEL ONETOUCH FIRE E from O2! (Pre-sales online from July 17, 2014).
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