Responsible Business Plan 2025


Responsible Business Plan 2025
O2 Telefónica’s sustainability strategy is managed via the Responsible Business Plan (RBP) 2025 “Digital.Sustainable.Connected.” and aims to achieve various sustainability targets. The RBP creates a framework to meet the changing requirements, to further drive sustainable digitalisation and to efficiently control the sustainability management of O2 Telefónica. The RBP 2025, which O2 Telefónica developed based on a profound materiality analysis, includes four fields of action, each of them with an ambition 2025. At the core of the RBP 2025 lie the “principles of governance for responsible corporate management”, which guide the company in all business processes. The area of “customers and society”, deals with products and services that O2 Telefónica offers in high quality and and how the company ensures digital inclusion for all with its modern network. The focus of the “employees” section is on the company’s goal of advancing the digital world of work as an attractive employer. “Climate and environment” - here, it is explained how O2 Telefónica wants to achieve net zero emissions by 2040 with a green network, as well as aligning its network and products even further with the principles of the circular economy.

Our fields of action

Responsible Corporate Governance

Our principles for responsible corporate management are the basis of our actions.

Climate and environment

We offer our customers a green network.

Customers and society

We offer high-quality products and services and ensure digital inclusion for all with our modern network.


We advance the digital working world as an attractive employer.

Further information on our ESG activities

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