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Mobile communications in Germany:No provider connects more people

Telefónica Deutschland is one of the leading integrated telecommunications providers in Germany, with more than 44 million mobile telephone lines and 2.4 million broadband lines. We offer mobile and fixed network services for private and business customers as well as innovative digital solutions based on our infrastructure and the analysis of mobile data.

On the stock exchange since 2012

Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and included in the M- and TecDAX since 2012. Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co OHG operates under its umbrella as a wholly-owned, operationally active subsidiary. The company is majority-owned by the Spanish company Telefónica S. A. - one of the world's largest telecommunications providers with headquarters in Madrid.

Everyone should benefit from the digital advantages

Credits: Telefónica Deutschland
Digitalization not only changes all areas of our daily lives, it also offers great opportunities for a better life. As telecommunications providers, we want everyone to benefit from the digital advantages. This also applies to our employees: Digital processes make their daily work easier, connect them with colleagues and help them to achieve common goals.

Trampoline for digitalization

Hardly any of the advances of the digital age would be possible without mobile communications: the smart networking of cities, intelligent energy systems or networked factories need powerful networks. And the major social challenge of our time - climate change - can only be mastered through digital networking. With the expansion of 5G, the role of mobile communications will become even more important. The volume of data is growing exponentially, and everything is networked with everything else. As a network operator whose infrastructure is trusted by more than half of German households, Telefónica Deutschland is the trampoline for this digitalization.

Our priorities:All signs point to growth

Telefónica Deutschland has the largest mobile customer base of all network operators in Germany. We are accelerating our growth course on this foundation. We have set ourselves three priorities for this:

Further growth in mobile communications

Expansion of market shares in rural areas and at the same time strengthening of the position in the cities. This includes almost nationwide coverage with 4G in rural areas and the expansion of 5G in large cities. By the end of 2021, we aim to reach over 30% of households in Germany with 5G and to have rolled out a nationwide 5G network by 2025. This will benefit both private and business customers.

Convergence and bundled products

Seizing the opportunities arising from the intelligent bundling of fixed and mobile communications products. Here we see great potential for increasing the number of contracts per household. With our DSL offering, access to a nationwide cable network and fixed-mobile substitution (high-performance mobile communications instead of fixed-network lines), we have the right offer for every customer.

More market share with business customers

With a strong network behind us, we want to convince even more business customers of our quality. We also stand out clearly from the competition in terms of our service offering: Only with us does every business customer have their own personal service manager. Telefónica Deutschland clearly acts as a price-performance leader in this area and is therefore the ideal partner for companies.
Our customers are the greatest potential for new growth. Because technology serves people. That is why we consistently place customer benefit at the centre of our actions. We have defined a clear vision for this: "We want to become the mobile customer and digital champion." This means: We want to be the best partner for mobile customers in the German market. To achieve this, we are making our customers' lives easier and better and giving them mobile freedom in the digital world.
We want to offer our customers a consistently positive experience in brand, products, customer service and network. The daily user experience at Telefónica Germany should convince our customers in terms of simplicity, speed and performance. To achieve this, we want to know the wishes and needs of our customers even better, respond to them in real time and develop suitable products and services. In doing so, we attach the greatest importance to enabling our customers to shape their digital lives in a self-determined manner. Details can be found in our annual report.

Global strategy programme of the Telefónica Group:#RECONNECT

Our path to becoming the "Mobile Customer & Digital Champion" is put into concrete terms by the Telefónica Group's global strategy programme: #RECONNECT. It focuses on our customers and the connection between people and technology. The building blocks of this programme support us in achieving our growth ambitions. #RECONNECT is the Telefónica Group's formula for growth - in English "Growth" (G): G = R4 × M The parameters R and M are defined as follows:


Growth in relevance for customers through an excellent digital experience based on the simplicity and personalisation of the offer, through the company's technological platforms and the application of Artificial Intelligence.


Revenue growth with a focus on monetising an attractive value proposal which includes both Telefónica's products and services, as well as those of third parties, under an "open ecosystem of partners” model which drives Telefónica as one of the main "technology distributors" capable of satisfying each customer in a personalised way.


Growth in returns thanks to the growth of revenues, the efficiencies generated by digitalisation, simplification and management based on the return on invested capital (ROCE).


All of the above while strengthening the company's commitment to responsible and sustainable growth with the societies in which the company operates, increasing Telefónica's proactive role in regulatory issues and ensuring digital inclusion and respect for the digital rights of citizens.


And finally, the motivation of the team of Telefónica professionals as a key element capable of increasing growth. The Chairman demonstrated his trust in the company's employees and the ability of Telefónica to reinvent itself whenever it has been necessary. "In our almost 100 years of history, Telefónica has always found new ways to keep growing. The ability to change is in the DNA of the Telefónica team".

Extensive offer:Mobile, fixed network and digital products of the future

Telefónica Deutschland offers innovative solutions for telecommunications and networking for private and business customers as well as for cities, municipalities and public companies.

Multi-brand strategy

Under the core brand O2 and various second and partner brands such as Blau, AY YILDIZ, Ortel Mobile, AldiTalk or Tchibo mobil, Telefónica Deutschland sells mobile phone products both on a contract basis (post-paid) and in the prepaid segment. This multi-brand strategy is a key success factor. It also provides innovative mobile data services for private, business and wholesale customers.

Complete and bundled offers

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The company has one of the largest and most modern mobile phone networks in Germany. In addition to a high-performance GSM, UMTS and LTE infrastructure, we are building a state-of-the-art 5G network. With our network we are also a major wholesale provider for other telecommunications providers: They use our infrastructure to provide their own services. In this way Telefónica Deutschland contributes to vital competition and reaches additional customer groups. This is how we position ourselves as a leading provider of smartphone tariffs and products.

Future technology

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As a fully integrated telecommunications provider, Telefónica Deutschland also provides telephony and high-speed Internet products such as VDSL in the fixed network area. Thanks to access to a nationwide cable network, we can connect more people with fast broadband Internet than any other provider. In addition to its core business, Telefónica Deutschland is also driving forward digital growth areas such as the Internet of Things. We are also focusing on the social and economic benefits that can be derived from the analysis of large volumes of data.

Exploiting growth potential:Highly profitable company in Europe's most attractive mobile communications market

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Telefónica Deutschland is the only local telecommunications provider with its own mobile network that focuses exclusively on Germany - the most attractive mobile market in Europe. No other country in Europe has such great development potential: Currently, mobile data use in Germany is growing exponentially and the trend towards greater data use and more end devices is continuing. However, in terms of mobile data use, Germany is only at the beginning by European standards. We want to help shape these developments in the market and exploit this growth potential. People are increasingly streaming music and videos on the move. In addition, the number of end devices and sensors connected to the network via mobile communications will continue to rise. At the same time, large amounts of data are being generated, the analysis of which creates considerable added value for the economy and society. All these factors show: There is considerable untapped potential in the German telecommunications market. We want to tap this potential.