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Unlimited browsing at home and on the go with O2 my All in One

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The O2 Freedom Campaign 2018 is revolutionising the German mobile communications market: On August 21, the brand O2 will launch two Unlimited rates, which offer unique value for money. With O2 Free Unlimited, customers can browse on the go and without limits to speed or volume for as little as 59.99 Euros per month.(1) At EUR 79.99 a month, the O2 my All in One includes not only unlimited mobile calls and data, but also a landline with a flat rate for calls and internet.(2),(3) This means customers only need one tariff to allow them to browse at high-speed in any situation – on the go with LTE and in their own homes with VDSL. For the launch of the O2 my All in One, the multi-card option O2 Connect will be included for the tariff’s 24 months minimum contract duration at no extra charge.(4) “We have already launched numerous product innovations for our fixed-line and mobile customers this year. With the two O2 Unlimited rates we are now setting a new cornerstone and reinforcing the claim of our core brand: O2 offers its customers individual freedom in the digital world,” explains Wolfgang Metze, Chief Consumer Officer of Telefónica Deutschland.

O2 my All in One:Removing all limits

Wolfgang Metze
Browsing on the go and at home at high-speed and without limits – using just the one tariff. From 21 August, O2 will free its customers from worrying about limits for speed or volume with the O2 my All in One. The new O2 Unlimited rate applies to both mobile and landline networks and offers unlimited browsing for 79.99 Euros a month: Customers are “always on” with LTE high-speed on the go.(2) At home, they can browse, stream and connect their homes with a full VDSL connection that offers download speeds of up to 50 Mbps.(3) On top, the O2 my All in One also includes a flat rate for national calls and texts.(5) In addition, customers can make endless calls and send an infinite number of texts to many EU countries.(6) To start off with, the O2 my All in One will also include the O2 Connect option.(4) During the 24 months of the minimum contract duration, customers can operate up to ten mobile devices at no additional monthly cost. All smart devices draw their unlimited high-speed data volume from the O2 my All in One tariff. Via the "My O2" app, smartwatches, tablets, GPS trackers or car WiFi can be easily integrated and conveniently managed. “People nowadays want to be online at all times without having to worry about limits. This is the only way they can move comfortably in the digital world at all times and enjoy unlimited freedom. Our combined product O2 my All in One reflects the idea of freedom in a way that no other rate does: We are removing all limits to allow our customers unlimited high-speed browsing in every situation – you can’t get any better,” explains Wolfgang Metze. “With the introduction of O2 my All in One, we are meeting our customers’ need to receive all communication services from a single source and to be able to use them without limits. This once again makes us a pioneer in customer-oriented solutions and drivers of digitization.”

O2 Free Unlimited:Unlimited mobile browsing at an attractive price

The new tariffs at a glance (in German)
The O2 Free Unlimited is aimed at customers who want to enjoy unlimited freedom in particular when they are on the go, for example because they already use an O2 DSL tariff. From 21 August, customers will be able to browse at high-speed with the O2 Free Unlimited for inexpensive 59.99 Euros per month – without a data limit.(1) A flat rate for calls and texts is also included in the rate.(5) “We are positioning our central mobile communications brand O2 in the centre of the market: O2 offers maximum freedom for our customers’ individual digital lifestyles – at an affordable price,” comments Wolfgang Metze.

The O2 brand:A pioneer in disruptive solutions

O2 Free
The O2 brand stands for freedom in the telecommunications market. Since the introduction of O2 Free in 2016, the brand has continuously demonstrated that it is a pioneer in innovative mobile communications offerings. In 2016, O2 unleashed mobile communications with the guarantee to continue browsing. A year later, O2 Free put an end to WiFi-hopping with the Big Data rates. This year, O2 is consistently continuing its series of innovative solutions for customers’ freedom with its major freedom campaign: The brand launched the Unlimited summer rate O2 DSL Free, which abolished the fair-use mechanism. Shortly after, O2 introduced the unique O2 Connect function, which enables customers to use up to ten mobile devices with only one plan. With O2 Boost data volume can be doubled at a low price. And with O2 my Prepaid, O2 has particularly data-strong rates on offer for prepaid users. In addition, with its Flex rates, O2 is the only network provider in Germany to offer mobile phone contracts without a minimum contract duration. And with O2 My Handy, the smartphone of your choice is also available at reasonable conditions, without a change of contract or a contract extension – payable through a one-off payment or monthly installments at no additional cost. “The customer promise of ‘freedom’ will continue to determine O2’s actions unconditionally. Our O2 mobile and DSL customers can look forward to further solutions for their individual digital lifestyles this year,” Metze announces.
(1)The one-off connection fee for both O2 my All in One and O2 Free Unlimited is € 39.99.
(2)LTE speed: Up to 225 MBit/s (on average 27 MBit/s; upload up to 50 MBit/s, on average 14.6 MBit/s) in the German O2 mobile network or up to 50 MBit/s (on average 23 MBit/s; upload up to 32 MBit/s, on average 13.4 MBit/s) for former customers of E-Plus Service GmbH & Co. KG that were automatically converted to an O2 product.
(3)The private customer rate O2 DSL M Flex can be booked additionally for a monthly fee of € 0 instead of € 34.99, provided that VDSL is available at the customer’s place of residence (“advantage”). The advantage is valid for as long as the O2 my All in One plan exists. Includes domestic calls (except special numbers and call forwarding) and internet access with a transmission speed between 16,000 and 50,000 kBit/s downstream and between 1,600 and 10,000 kBit/s upstream. A router is required, which can be provided on request for the duration of the plan, e.g. the HomeBox 2 for monthly € 1.99 (shipping costs € 9.99). Not available for business customers, who can, however, choose to purchase an O2 DSL M Flex Professional with additional services for € 5 a month. The plan can be cancelled 4 weeks to the end of the month. DSL availability check
(4)Up to two additional multicards (with voice/SMS flat rate and data use) and seven data cards (only data use in World Zone 1) can be added to the tariff O2 my All in One, each of which uses the high-speed data volume included in the plan (Connect option). With O2 my All in One, the Connect option is included for orders placed until October 31 2018 at no extra charge for the duration of the 24-month minimum contract duration of the plan. If required, the Connect option can then be booked for 20 Euros a month.
(5)Applies to national calls except for connections to special numbers and call forwarding, timing 60/60. The services of the O2 my All in One and O2 Free Unlimited (calls, SMS, data) can also be used in world zone 1 (EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein). In the event of excessive use of the service in World Zone 1, surcharges will be levied in accordance with the EU Fair Use Policy. For more information, see
(6)Applies to calls and texts from Germany to the mobile and fixed networks of the following EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, French Guiana, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom. Call national and international call diversions broad, conference connections, value-added services, special numbers and SMS value-added services with premium billing are excluded.