Network integration bearing fruit:

O2 network in Munich achieves “good” rating in local connect network test with best LTE coverage

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Credits: Telefónica Deutschland
Cayetano Carbajo Martín
No other network operator is better than O2 when it comes to providing customers in Munich with LTE - this is the result of a recent network test for mobile communications coverage in the Bavarian state capital by specialist magazine connect. Overall, the new O2 network in Munich achieved a “good” rating (830 points), having significantly improved in terms of network quality compared to the last nationwide network test in 2017 (result “sufficient”). The most recent network test results show that the network integration of Telefónica Deutschland in Munich is having the desired effect: “In Munich, where according to Telefónica the merger of the networks of E-Plus and O2 has already been completed, the provider achieves a good result,” judges connect. Due to the extensive network expansion, the O2 network is also seen to have the best supply quality for voice and data in the entire city area across all network operators.

“The recent connect network test for Munich shows that our comprehensive network measures are having an impact,” says Cayetano Carbajo Martín, Member of the Board of Directors and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Telefónica Deutschland. “With our network integration and our massive LTE expansion, we are currently improving the O2 network nationwide in all cities and regions. We will continue to improve the network quality and offer our customers an optimal network experience.”

O2 network convinces with coverage quality

Credit: Fernanda Vilela
For its most recent issue, connect assessed the mobile communications networks in Munich in an extensive test comparable with the extensive measurements of the annual nationwide network test. In the recent test for Munich, the O2 network showed particularly good results in the category voice especially in terms of coverage in the Munich city area. Achieving 99.3%, the company’s network ranked slightly ahead of the other network operators. The O2 network is also on an equal footing with the competition in terms of call success rates. In the data category the O2 network has also continued to improve significantly as a result of recent network measures. The connect testers recognised that the O2 network “has made significant progress, especially in the expansion of 4G/LTE, and is now clearly ahead of its two competitors in terms of coverage quality. O2 is now on a par with Deutsche Telekom and just ahead of Vodafone.” In addition, according to connect O2 also offers its customers a top price-performance ratio for full mobile data use with its O2 Free tariffs and its big bundle packages. In the Bavarian state capital - where Telefónica Deutschland is also headquartered - the company has already successfully completed the network integration of O2 and E-Plus. Over the past few months, Telefónica Deutschland has carried out a unique integration project for the new O2 network in Munich and modernised around 750 mobile communications locations. For a better network experience, the existing system technology was replaced by new, more powerful technology. In addition, the network experts have set up around 250 additional LTE stations so that O2 customers in Munich can browse the internet at faster speeds, stream videos smoothly and make calls in the best HD voice quality via Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

Telefónica Deutschland drives network integration and LTE expansion nationwide

Credit: CC0 1.0, Pixabay User Life-Of-Pix, image cropped
Telefónica Deutschland has already successfully completed the large-scale network integration project of O2 and E-Plus, which is unique in Europe, in other cities and regions. The company is currently pushing ahead with integration work throughout Germany and is close to completing the integration in many areas. As part of the network integration, several tens of thousands of mobile communications sites are being modernised. At the same time, the network operator is focusing on nationwide LTE expansion: In the first half of 2018 alone, the company built well over 3,000 new LTE stations in urban and rural regions, thus expanded existing LTE capacities in the O2 network. This corresponds to around 120 LTE upgrades per week. The new, improved O2 network will form the optimal basis for Telefónica Deutschland to become the preferred partner for customers in the market - the Mobile Customer & Digital Champion.
Credit photo 3: CC0 1.0, Pixabay User Life-Of-Pix, cropped