Telefónica Deutschland publishes Corporate Responsibility Report:CO2 and energy consumption targets already exceeded

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"Driving Sustainable Connectivity" is the main topic of the CR Report 2019.
  • CO2 emissions reduced by 28.5 percent since 2015.
  • Energy consumption per data volume reduced by 56.1 percent over the same period.
  • Telefónica network carries the most green mobile data in Germany.
Telefónica Deutschland with its core brand O2 has largely achieved the Corporate Responsibility (CR) targets set in 2016 with the Responsible Business Plan 2020 one year earlier than originally planned. The target of reducing CO2 emissions by 11 percent compared with 2015 was significantly exceeded with a reduction of 28.5 percent by the end of 2019. While data volumes rose by 106% by the end of 2019 compared to 2015, energy consumption fell by 15%. Overall, this means a reduction in energy consumption per data volume of 56.1%. The company has been sourcing 100% of its electricity from renewable sources since 2016.

Markus Haas
"Most of the green mobile data in Germany is already transported via our mobile network. Our aim in the next few years is to become climate neutral as a company as a whole," explains Markus Haas, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland, in the course of publishing the Corporate Responsibility Report 2019. To this end, the company is already working on an ambitious Corporate Environmental Strategy for the coming years. Key factors in meeting the CO2 targets were above all savings in the grid area, increased energy efficiency in buildings and reductions in CO2 emissions from the vehicle fleet and business travel. Furthermore, by equipping its network location in Berlin with the latest digital building control technology, Telefónica has reduced electricity consumption by up to 25 percent per month, thus improving the CO2 balance. The Telefónica Responsible Business Plan 2020 is the central management tool for Telefónica's corporate responsibility commitment. It comprises targets in the priority areas "Environmental and climate protection", "Responsible business" and "Strengthening life in the digital world". The good to very good results in terms of customer and employee satisfaction, well-received programmes to improve the digital competence of young people and senior citizens and the strengthening of data protection and information security are among the highlights in these areas in 2019.

Valentina Daiber
"Sustainability has become a decisive factor for corporate success," explains Valentina Daiber, Member of the Executive Board for Legal and Corporate Affairs at Telefónica Deutschland. "As a company, we are doing justice to this and in the coming months we will formulate ambitious goals in our Responsible Business Plan that we want to achieve by 2025. The international group has received several awards for its successes in recent months. Among other things, the Telefónica Group is among the top two percent on the CDP climate list, a climate ranking by the independent organisation CDP. This is the sixth time in succession that the group has been awarded the top grade A for its global leadership role in climate protection. In Germany, Telefónica 2020 has been nominated for the CSR Prize of the German Federal Government in the CSR and digitisation category and for the B.A.U.M. Environmental and Sustainability Prize. The complete CR Report for the 2019 fiscal year can be found here: Corporate Responsibility Report 2019 - german | english