AY YILDIZ celebrates its birthday:The leading mobile phone brand for the German-Turkish community for 15 years

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Credits: Telefónica Deutschland
Alfons Lösing
AY YILDIZ was launched on October 17, 2005 as one of the first mobile phone brands in Germany to tailor its offering specifically to the needs of the German-Turkish community. Over the past 15 years, AY YILDIZ has continuously expanded its mobile phone offer for telephony and data use in Germany and Turkey. In addition, the brand has addressed important social issues for the German-Turkish target group through various marketing campaigns. On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, AY YILDIZ customers will receive a gift of up to 15 GB data volume. "We founded AY YILDIZ in 2005 as the first mobile phone brand for the German-Turkish community. By consistently focusing on the needs of the target group, we have continuously expanded AY YILDIZ's market position in the ethnic segment. We are proud to have been the leading mobile phone brand for the German-Turkish target group for 15 years," says Alfons Lösing, member of the board at Telefónica Deutschland / O2. Thorsten Wagner, Managing Director of AY YILDIZ and Director at Telefónica Germany / O2, adds: "With AY YILDIZ, we combine the best of two worlds and offer our customers ideally matched mobile phone products for use in Germany and Turkey. The deep understanding of both cultures, our attitude and our commitment to the needs of the community make AY YILDIZ unique".

From mobile telephony to comprehensive all-inclusive packages

Credits: AY YILDIZ
AY YILDIZ was launched in 2005.
AY YILDIZ was launched in 2005, initially as a pure prepaid brand with offers for mobile telephony. Initially, customers were able to make round-the-clock calls within Germany and to Turkey at a uniform price per minute of 29 cents. This was a unique selling point, because at that time, mobile phone providers often called up minute prices of 0.99 to 1.99 euros for calls to Turkey. Due to the great demand, AY YILDIZ also introduced the first postpaid offers in April 2006. An important milestone followed in early 2011: AY YILDIZ offered prepaid customers a first data option. For 5 euros, customers could use a total of 50 MB of mobile data - at up to 14.4 Mbit/s in the UMTS network. Since then, the rates and options - and also the data speeds - have continued to develop continuously. Today, AY YILDIZ offers comprehensive all-inclusive packages for postpaid and prepaid customers. One of the currently most popular prepaid options for AY YILDIZ customers is the Smart XXL option with 12 GB data volume including LTE use, Allnet flat, a Turkey fixed network flat and 120 inclusive minutes for calls to Turkish mobile networks.

Tailor-made Turkey roaming offers

Many customers use the summer months in particular to travel to Turkey to visit family and friends. Since 2011, AY YILDIZ has therefore been offering customized roaming offers for stays in Turkey. This allows customers to make mobile phone calls and surf the Internet across all Turkish networks. In addition, customers will benefit from a summer promotion with special conditions for Turkey every year from May to September. Thus for instance incoming calls in Turkey are free of charge.

Birthday promotion:AY YILDIZ customers receive up to 15 GB as a gift

To mark its 15th anniversary, AY YILDIZ is offering its prepaid and postpaid customers up to 15 GB of additional data volume until the end of the year. All contract customers in the Ay Allnet, Ay Allnet Plus and Ay Allnet Max tariffs will receive 5 GB each on top for three months. Prepaid customers secure up to 5 GB additional volume per booking or extension, depending on the option booked.

AY YILDIZ customers:Twice as much telephony, more data usage and iPhone fans

On October 17, 2005, AY YILDIZ was launched as the first mobile phone brand for German Turks
Digital networking and mobile phone products play an important role in the lives of the German-Turkish target group. On average, they make twice as many calls as customers of other prepaid brands of Telefónica Germany / O2. They also use significantly more mobile data than other prepaid customers. This is why AY YILDIZ focuses its offers on flat rates and large, affordable data packages. Many AY YILDIZ customers enjoy making phone calls with their family, friends or business partners at home and abroad. They also use the available data volume not only for streaming, but also for extensive voice telephony via VoIP and messenger services such as WhatsApp and Skype to stay in touch with family and friends. So it's not surprising that AY YILDIZ customers attach great importance to a powerful and attractive terminal. For example, the number of iPhone users among AY YILDIZ prepaid customers is twice as high as among the other prepaid customers of Telefónica Deutschland / O2.

AY YILDIZ addresses the needs of the German-Turkish community

With its mobile phone products, AY YILDIZ forms a communicative bridge between Germany and Turkey. That's why AY YILDIZ is basically bilingual - just like the team behind AY YILDIZ. The brand offers its customer service in both German and Turkish to ensure that all customers receive prompt and comprehensive assistance. All activities are bilingual. In addition to marketing its mobile phone services, AY YILDIZ is also aware of its social responsibility. As part of its award-winning marketing campaigns, AY YILDIZ repeatedly addresses topics that are of particular concern to the community, strengthen the feeling of togetherness, break down prejudices and promote integration.