Combining Microsoft 365 and telecommunications:O2 Business makes New Work efficient for companies

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Due to Corona, many companies allow their employees to work flexibly.
Due to Corona, many companies allow their employees to work flexibly. Home office is more or less standard and no longer just a voluntary goodie of attractive employers. At the same time, companies need to keep an even closer eye on operating costs in these particularly challenging economic times. This is where O2 Business delvers added value: with the new solution consisting of Managed Microsoft 365 and a virtual telephone system, O2 Business creates a modern and cost-efficient workplace of the future for companies. With its attractive price-performance ratio and with an additional savings potential of up to 46 percent, O2 Business offers companies the economic basis to be able to act financially efficiently.

Credits: O2 Telefónica
Karsten Pradel
"At O2 Business, we make efficient and location-independent working for companies possible quickly and easily at an outstanding price-performance ratio with our Microsoft 365 solutions," says Karsten Pradel, Director B2B at Telefónica Deutschland, the company behind O2 Business. "In this way, we help companies meet the requirements for a modern and secure anywhere workplace on the one hand, and act in an economically sensible way on the other."

New work - changed work needs future-proof ICT

The pandemic has shown how important it is for employees to collaborate digitally and exchange information with business partners across geographical borders, regardless of the end device and work location used in each case. In the future, too, new digital ways of working will be a matter of course for many companies. Mobile and flexible working are the prerequisites for the home office. Teams can thus work together efficiently despite physical separation. The relationship with the customer will also be more digital than in the past. Increasingly, for example, advice is given by video, according to the results of the "Digitalization Index for SMEs 2020/2021" study.*

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Mobile and flexible working are the prerequisites for the home office.
Microsoft 365 includes Office applications such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Teams and One Note. It can be used at any time and regardless of location - ideal for seamless collaboration and communication between employees in companies. The Microsoft Teams collaboration platform included in Microsoft 365, which simplifies coordination and communication using video telephony and screen sharing, has become an indispensable part of many companies' everyday work. With "Managed Microsoft 365" from O2 Business, companies receive a unique, standardized all-round carefree package at a fixed monthly price that not only includes a usage license, but also the associated service. The perfect combination for integrated telephony is offered by Microsoft Teams together with the O2 Business Digital Phone virtual telephone system. This link with mobile telephone and data communication opens up new perspectives for companies in terms of employee collaboration. With Microsoft Teams for Digital Phone, O2 Business ensures that employees can be reached at their usual telephone number and also have a direct connection to the worldwide public telephone network. On the one hand, they can use Microsoft Teams for their location-independent collaboration and, on the other hand, benefit from the advantages of a convenient, reliable and powerful IP telephone system. In this way, companies create the prerequisites for efficient "New Work" - and at an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Practical example

According to the "Digitalization Index for SMEs 2020/2021", most companies hope to achieve significant cost reductions by using digital tools*. Using the example of a medium-sized mechanical engineering company, it quickly becomes clear what the Managed Microsoft 365 overall package from O2 Business achieves in economic terms:

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O2 Business takes care of configuring the Microsoft 365 licenses and ensures that ongoing operation is guaranteed.
In addition to several hundred employees in manufacturing, the company also employs 100 people in design, administration and sales. For the past year, most of these have been working from home offices. If the company now uses the combination of Managed Microsoft 365 (E1) with O2 Business Digital Phone**, Digital Phone Microsoft Teams Option and the O2 Business Unlimited Max mobile tariff for its 100 employees, the total monthly costs including national telephony and unlimited data volume amount to 50.09 euros (net) per user. Thanks to the discount of 46 percent granted, O2 Business offers companies a highly attractive package for their communications with this offer. In addition to this remarkable price-performance ratio, the company also benefits from using the Managed Microsoft 365 variant: the IT personnel costs normally required to maintain the corresponding technology are no longer necessary, because O2 Business takes care of configuring the Microsoft 365 licenses and ensures that ongoing operation is guaranteed. Another advantage of using this combination for the company is in the balance sheet area: the monthly billing model shifts the expenses to the area of operational costs and the disadvantages of rigid depreciation cycles for investments (e.g. investment in PBX, server) in fixed assets (CAPEX) are avoided. This means for the company: No capital is tied up in fixed assets, because both server costs including licenses for office products and PBX acquisition costs are eliminated. The funds thus freed up can be used by the company for the further development of its business and other investments.

Microsoft 365 from O2 Business at a glance

  • There is a suitable Microsoft 365 license for every company at O2 Business, with optimal applications that essentially differ in the licensed Office products. A Microsoft 365 license version is available from just 3.40 euros (net) per month/user.
  • The managed service can be added to the Microsoft 365 license package booked by a company for 5.00 euros (net) per license per month.
  • The virtual telephone system O2 Business Digital Phone costs 10.64 euros (net) per month and user.**
  • In the current combination offer, the Digital Phone Microsoft Teams option is included at no additional cost.
*Digitalisierungsindex Mittelstand 2020/2021“:
**With a contract volume of at least 40 digital phone licenses