Price offensive in the Massive IoT market:Telefónica Deutschland / O2 Business democratizes the Internet of Things market with extremely affordable prepaid IoT tariff

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With the expansion of IoT tariffs, O2 is driving forward the digitization of business and society
  • With its new IoT prepaid tariff O2 Business Easy IoT, Telefónica Deutschland / O2 is driving the digitalization of the German economy and society by making IoT connectivity affordable for a broad market
  • Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) is now available across the entire Telefónica Deutschland / O2 mobile network
  • Cheaper than comparable tariffs: O2 Business Easy IoT prepaid tariff makes battery-powered long-life sensor networking economically attractive for businesses - price differences of up to 250 percent

Credits: O2 Telefónica
Karsten Pradel
"I am convinced that our new O2 Business Easy IoT prepaid tariff portfolio makes infrastructure sensor networking extremely attractive for companies due to a simple tariff structure and an outstanding price-performance ratio," explains Karsten Pradel, Director B2B at Telefónica Deutschland. "Combining a fully available NB-IoT machine network with the new IoT prepaid tariff, we are giving the growing Massive IoT market in Germany a major boost and are significantly driving digitalization for the benefit of business and society," Pradel added.

O2 Business Easy IoT

The O2 Business Easy IoT tariff is ideal for devices with low data consumption and long usage periods
Telefónica Deutschland / O2 is expanding its IoT tariff portfolio: The new O2 Business Easy IoT prepaid tariff complements the already well-known IoT Connect tariff. O2 Business Easy IoT provides companies with an easy-to-administer tariff that is especially designed for IoT applications with low data transmission requirements and very long usage periods. With O2 Business Easy IoT and NB-IoT, application scenarios ranging from consumption data collection (e.g., of water, heating, or gas), condition monitoring (e.g., air quality), or status messages (e.g., parking space occupancy or fill level in garbage containers) to intelligent early warning systems that measure water levels or water damage in buildings can be implemented. Thanks to the predefined price-performance structure and simple handling, the networking of battery-powered sensors with O2 Business Easy IoT is economically calculable in advance and technologically easily scalable.

The three different versions of the O2 Business Easy IoT tariff cover every application area
With O2 Business Easy IoT, Telefónica Deutschland / O2 focuses on the essentials for simple networking of IoT sensors and devices. Depending on the selected tariff, customers receive a data package for a one-time fee of 10 euros per SIM card, which they can use flexibly over a period of 10 years. The data volume is usually sufficient for the entire lifetime of the device. O2 Business Easy IoT is available in three rate plans:
  • Easy IoT World with 750 MB
  • Easy IoT EU+UK with 1,000 MB
  • Easy IoT Germany with 1,500 MB

The advantages of the O2 Business Easy IoT tariff at a glance
The O2 Business Easy IoT tariff model supports various radio technologies (2G, 4G, NB-IoT and, from December 2021, LTE-M) to connect a wide range of IoT industry solutions and a variety of devices. The prepaid advantages such as one-time payment, no monthly basic fee and no administrative efforts such as individual invoice bookings make handling and planning with O2 Business Easy IoT very easy for companies. Data packages can be rebooked easily and flexibly online for 10 euros per SIM card if required, in case the purchased data volume is used up before the device lifetime expires. To administer the connectivity of the O2 Business Easy IoT tariff, customers have free access to the multiple award-winning IoT platform Kite (Essential) for simplified management of the IoT SIM cards.