Expanded fixed-network offering for O2 customers:O2 markets fast fixed-net products via the network of Westenergie Breitband

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O2 / Telefónica Deutschland receives access to more than 250,000 additional households
With immediate effect, O2 customers as well as interested new customers in numerous regions of Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony can book faster fixed network connections. To this end, O2 / Telefónica Deutschland has added another strong regional partner to its already leading internet at home availability. The company gains access to the high-performance VDSL vectoring network of Westenergie Breitband, one of the largest alternative fixed-network operators in Germany, via its cooperation partner vitroconnect. This gives O2 / Telefónica Deutschland access to over 250,000 additional households in the three federal states for marketing the O2 my Home products with transmission rates of up to 250 Mbit/s.

Alfons Lösing
"For consumers and business customers alike, we are opening up all possibilities of digitization with our high-performance fixed-network connections - from video streaming to home office. As part of our fixed-network strategy, we rely on strong partners and their network infrastructures through which we offer our attractive fixed-network products. By continuously expanding our cooperation portfolio, we have become one of the leading fixed-network providers in Germany. No other provider has as such an internet at home availability as we do," says Alfons Lösing, Board Member for Wholesale & Partnering at O2 / Telefónica Deutschland. "We are pleased to further expand our existing partnership with O2 / Telefónica Deutschland as one of the major German telecommunications companies. With our independent marketing platform for fixed network cooperation, we now additionally make the modern broadband infrastructure of Westenergie Breitband available for the end customer offers of O2 / Telefónica Deutschland," says Daniel Redanz, Managing Director of vitroconnect GmbH. "Fast internet is a key location factor for families as well as for tradesmen and industry. That's why Westenergie Breitband is bringing fast internet to towns and communities in rural areas in particular - regions that are still underserved in many cases. With our high-performance VDSL vectoring network, we rely on open access for telecommunications companies and on sales cooperations. At the same time, we are continuously expanding our fiber-optic network. We are all the more pleased that with Telefónica, another renowned and strong partner is now offering its services on our network," says Robin Weiand, Managing Director of Westenergie Breitband GmbH.

O2 with greatest internet at home availability

O2 currently supplies around 2.3 million customers with fixed-network products
While O2 is expanding and operating its modern 4G and 5G mobile network itself, the provider relies on strong partnerships in its fixed network business: Via Deutsche Telekom's infrastructure, O2 can offer its customers DSL and, in the future, fiber optics. Through its cooperation with Vodafone and Tele Columbus, O2 provides its customers with internet via broadband cable. Added to this is the coverage O2 achieves via regional network operators such as EWE TEL, wilhelm.tel, Unsere Grüne Glasfaser and now Westenergie Breitband. Currently, O2 has around 2.3 million fixed-network customers in Germany.

More freedom of choice in the fixed network

With O2 my Home, O2 is the first German provider to offer a fixed-network rate that applies equally to DSL, cable, fiber optics and the mobile-based O2 HomeSpot. All access technologies are offered at uniform terms and conditions, broken down by bandwidth. An availability check tells customers directly which technologies and bandwidths are available where they live.