Tariff innovation for the 20th brand birthday of O2:O2 Grow – the first growing mobile tariff in Germany

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O2 Grow is available through all O2 sales channels from 3 May 2022 until 5 September 2022 for 29.99 euros.
The telecommunications brand O2 celebrates its 20th birthday on May 1, 2022 and looks back on an impressive success story. As a brand of freedom, self-determination, innovative strength and customer focus, O2 has accompanied its customers through the rise of mobile telephony and the rapidly advancing digitalisation in their everyday lives. In the process, the core brand of O2 Telefónica has repeatedly shaped the telecoms market in this country with innovative products. And now, on the occasion of its 20th birthday, it is doing so with the O2 Grow promotional tariff. It is the first mobile tariff in Germany that automatically grows along with the increasing data usage: customers are automatically receiving additional 10 GB per month every year at no extra charge. O2 Grow starts with 40 GB and grows to 240 GB over the next 20 years. The increasing data volume can also be used via O2's 5G network and in parallel on up to 10 mobile devices.1)

"Over the past 20 years, we have provided access to the latest technology for everyone with our innovative O2 products, thus creating a better everyday life for everyone. Now, with O2 Grow, we are once again pioneers in the market and are already anticipating tomorrow's customer needs today: German mobile customers will continue to use further and further data volumes via more end devices in the future. Our new innovative mobile tariff grows along with these needs without our customers having to do anything. This is what we mean by customer focus and fairness," explains Wolfgang Metze, Chief Consumer Officer of O2 Telefónica.

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O2 has repeatedly shaped the telecoms market in Germany with innovative products. And now it is doing so with the O2 Grow promotional tariff.
The annually accumulated data volume is retained as long as the contract is in place. Thanks to the Connect option, the data power can be used flexibly for up to 10 mobile devices, such as smartphone, tablet, smart watch, mobile router and eTracker. The tariff can also be combined with a device as a discounted bundle. Alternatively, the promotional tariff is also available as a Flex variant that can be cancelled monthly at no additional cost. In this case, there is a one-time connection fee of 39.99 euros, which is waived for the term variant. Existing customers who want to switch to the O2 Grow can get advice from the hotline or in the shop. If they have an initial tariff that qualifies them for the "combi benefit", they receive a 10 euro discount on the monthly basic fee of the new tariff. O2 Grow is available from 3 May 2022 until 5 September 2022 for 29.99 euros through all O2 sales channels. Young people and the 60 Plus generation receive an additional 10 euros discount on the basic fee and thus pay only 19.99 euros per month for the tariff. Self-employed people and small business owners can also book the O2 Grow and also receive the well-known exclusive customer service with their own hotline and free device replacement. In the coming days and weeks there will be further attractive offers for O2 customers from all areas. We will inform you about them in good time. All offers can be found on o2.de.