Strenthening life in the digital world

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We succeed in encouraging all people to embrace the digital opportunities available and develop their skills in everyday digital life according to their individual requirements and wishes. In the years leading up to and including 2020 over 50 million people benefit annually from our products and programmes, enabling them to live digital and independent lives.

Target attainment


Digital sustainability innovations

In the years leading up to 2020 we will push technologies to simplify linking up people, devices and machines in the private and industrial world. The goal is to support our customers in the realisation of new digital products and business models in order to give all areas of society access to digital products.

Data protection and information security

We work to ensure customers retain sovereignty over their data and remain the masters of their digital lives. We protect the data of our customers, employees, partners and investors in all products and processes and ensure Telefónica Deutschland’s business activities comply with data protection regulations. Our actions in this are straightforward and transparent, and we communicate with all the relevant interest groups about innovations early on.

Digital inclusion

We make people of all age groups fit for the digital world. We will provide 10 million people with inspiration and support in the years leading up to and including 2020 with Germany-wide programmes and initiatives that promote digital participation.

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