Telecom Trade Reader's Choice 2020:Mobile phone retailers nominate O2 as overall winner

O2 is more popular than ever with its dealers. This is shown by the results of the latest reader survey conducted by Telecom Handel, the trade magazine for telecommunications. The readers of the renowned Munich trade magazine, predominantly telecommunications retailers from all over Germany, voted O2 the best mobile phone provider of the year. The mobile phone brand is thus continuing its series of successes in retail. As the clear favorite of the retailers, O2 has taken the lead this year. With a score of 2.82, O2 leaves the entire competition behind. The brand also leads eight of the categories as winner. The readers' choice of Telecom Handel is an indicator of the mood in the telecommunications trade. O2 was also able to convince retailers as the ideal partner in the face of the Corona crisis, which poses particular challenges for mobile phone providers and retailers alike. This year, a total of around 1,200 sales partners and specialist retailers from Germany took part in the vote for the best mobile phone provider of the year. Over a period of about four weeks, readers rated six well-known German providers in 24 individual categories. For the first time, the editorial team presented the results in the form of a school grade ranking.

Wolfgang Metze
"We are very honored that our dealers have chosen us as the best mobile phone provider and thus favored partner on the German market. I would like to express my sincere thanks for the great trust they have placed in us, especially in challenging times. Our excellent results in the Telecom Handel reader test underscore that the overall experience counts: What counts is the optimal combination of attractive rates at an outstanding price/performance ratio, excellent sales and service, a strong brand and a high-performance network that is getting better every day," says Wolfgang Metze, Member of the Management Board of Telefónica Deutschland responsible for private customers, about the renewed award.

O2 at the top of the winners' podium

Dr. Kai-Uwe Laag
After last year's success in the readers' choice of partner stores, O2 is on an absolute success course this year with the overall victory. The readers of Telecom Handel attest the brand a high level of satisfaction with regard to the cooperation. Readers rated the O2 dealer hotline particularly highly. "To be ahead once is luck. The second time is clear proof: We have come out on top in German mobile phone retail - with outstanding products for all customers, fairness and good service. I would like to thank all retailers who voted for us," said Dr. Kai-Uwe Laag, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland Retail GmbH, commenting on the success.

Dealer hotline with terrific rating

O2 wins eight of the 24 categories to be evaluated this year, including for the dealer hotline (grade 2.21), cross-selling support (2.28) and the way the personal O2 contact person deals with the dealers (2.34). The ratings in these categories are particularly significant: they are decisive in the daily work at the point of sales.

Telecom Handel writes

"It is also a great success that Telefónica also wins in the discipline of 'Competence and accessibility of the dealer hotline': For the second time in a row, the dealer partners have given the network operator the best rating."