Corporate Responsibility

People at the centre of digital responsibility

The Telefónica Deutschland Group’s CR strategy enshrines corporate responsibility throughout the value chain and at all the company levels. With digital technologies, we can make a special contribution to overcoming societal challenges and advancing sustainable development.


Corporate responsibility shapes the Telefónica Deutschland Group’s business mindset and has an important part to play in how we act. Read more about our CR activities. Download: English German


At the Telefónica Deutschland Group, we are guided by the principle that people must always remain the highest ethical authority. That is because digitalisation is for the people – and not the other way round.
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Telefónica Deutschland is committed to respecting and protecting human rights all along the value chain. We support the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights (NAP) and report on our actions and activities. Read more
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We manage our CR performance with our Responsible Business Plan 2020 and its three focus areas: "Responsible business", "Strengthening life in the digital world" and "Environmental & climate protection". Download: English German

Principles of ethics for the use of artificial intelligence

The Telefónica Group has declared worldwide that it will only use artificial intelligence in accordance with explicitly formulated ethical principles. They are intended to give the company direction when it is working with data and artificial intelligence, thereby supporting the positive impact of technology on society. AI Principles

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