Shareholder Structure

The registered share capital of the Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG amounts to €2,974,554,993. It is divided into the same number of shares with no-par value and a notional amount of the registered share capital of €1.00 each.

Here you find the latest shareholder structure1):

Geographical distribution of free float4):
1)Status: 30.09.2022
2)Telefónica Germany Holdings Limited is an indirect 100%-owned subsidiary of Telefónica, S.A.; Status: According to shareholder register as of 30.09.2022
3)Source: Telefónica, S.A. Selected Financial Data Report Q3 2022
4)Source: S&P Global Share-ID plus own analysis, Status 30.09.2022

Investor Relations

For any questions related with the Telefónica Deutschland share please contact our Investor Relations-Team.