Members' attendance at meetings of the Supervisory Board

Individual disclosure of Supervisory Board members' attendance at meetings of the Supervisory Board of Telefonica Deutschland Holding AG and its committees in the fiscal year 2019*. Insofar as members could not attend meetings of the Supervisory Board or relevant committee meetings in isolated cases, they were excused. They could participate in the passing of resolutions by written vote and used this option in general when they were not able to attend.
Members of the Supervisory BoardNumber of Meetings*Attendance Non-AttendanceAttendance Quota
Laura Abasolo García de Baquedano 2625196%
Christoph Braun 14140100%
Sally Anne Ashford 2219386%
Martin Butz21210100%
Pablo de Carvajal González1712571%
Patricia Cobián González2017385%
Peter Erskine 1411379%
María García-Legaz Ponce14140100%
Christoph Heil (since 3 April 2019)1211192%
Cansever Heil (since 3 April 2019)12120100%
Michael Hoffmann 1815383%
Sandra Hofmann (until 18 February 2019)1010%
Julio Linares López1412286%
Thomas Pfeil18180100%
Joachim Rieger1411379%
Dr. Jan-Erik Walter 22220100%
Claudia Weber2221196%