Members' attendance at meetings of the Supervisory Board

Individual disclosure of Supervisory Board members' attendance at meetings of the Supervisory Board of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG and its committees in the fiscal year 2022*. Insofar as members could not attend meetings of the Supervisory Board or relevant committee meetings in isolated cases, they were excused. They participated then in the passing of resolutions by written vote. The individual meeting attendance during the financial year 2022 was as follows:
Members of the Supervisory BoardNumber of Meetings*Attendance Non-AttendanceAttendance Quota
Peter Löscher11110100%
Christoph Braun 10100100%
Martin Butz11110100%
Pablo de Carvajal González11110100%
María García-Legaz Ponce1311285%
Ernesto Gardelliano1211192%
Cansever Heil770100%
Christoph Heil770100%
Michael Hoffmann 2018290%
Julio Linares López770100%
Stefanie Oeschger990100%
Thomas Pfeil14140100%
Joachim Rieger770100%
Jaime Smith Basterra770100%
Dr. Jan-Erik Walter 15150100%
Claudia Weber13130100%

The detailed disclosure of attendance listed by respective body is available here. Show details on the members and the activities of the Supervisory Board.
Convenience Translations, in case of deviation the German version shall prevail.